Tank Washing

Murphy Transport Ltd provides a tank cleaning service for customers. For Tank Cleaning Service in Cork we have a wash station at our headquarters in Ballinlough which is EFTCO registered (Cleaning Station 250). We are equipped to clean ISO tanks, liquid bulk containers as well as food grade and chemical grade tanks.

Our state of the art cleaning station is equipped with multiple spinners at each bay with a guarantee that equipment is washed in record time.

Murphy Transport's tank wash station is SQAS accessed and has the specification to clean a large variety of products including food grade substances and hazardous goods.

Services Available:

Hot Wash
Cold Wash
Latex Wash
Caustic Wash
Detergent Wash
Drying of Tanks
Man In Tank Service
External Wash of Tanks
Steam Heating/Water Heating

We also provide a Controlled Heating System which can heat any given product in a tank.

Should you have a tank washing requirements, please contact us first to provide information on the product to be cleaned from the tank.

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