Health & Safety

Murphy Transport Ltd has an emphasis on Health, Safety, and the Welfare of all its employees and visitors. With the transport of Hazardous and Food grade goods, the focus is on safety and compliance as well as hygiene. We are 100% knowledgeable of the requirements of these markets and are fully equipped to reach the high standards of safety for our customers. Murphy Transport Ltd currently holds a Multi Regional Waste Collection Permit. Our permit Number is WCP-CK- 10-0734- 01. The company is SQAS accessed and our Tank Wash is EFTCO registered (Wash Station 250).

We have ADR Specification transportation units.
Stainless steel and rubber-lined ISO tanks.
ADR specification Food grade road barrels.
Food Grade and GP (General Purpose) ISO tanks available.
Bitumen road tankers.

All our hazchem drivers are trained and hold certificates for UN classes: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, & 9 (Tanks & Packages).

Murphy Transport Ltd also has its own in house DGSA (All Classes).

ADR spec trailer

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